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Springboard Prayers

Springboard Prayers

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Springboard Prayers: A Starting Place for Holy Conversations her hope was not to replace your own words with hers but to guide you into a meaningful conversation with the Lord that's all your own.

This book includes 125 pre-written prayers broken up into 6 categories:
  • Prayer (not a typo, these are actually prayers for your prayer life!)
  • Time of Day
  • Circumstance
  • Emotion
  • People
  • Location
Each prayer has sections called "Where to go from here" and "What to listen for" that contain action steps and questions to lead you into a prayer-filled day based on whatever topic you choose.

After each prayer, you also have a page of lined journaling space to record what you hear from the Lord, a scripture brought to mind, the date you prayed, etc.

The goal was to make this a book that's lovely to look at so you keep it out on your coffee table or desk and are reminded to pick it up and meet with the Lord. It also makes such a unique and intentional gift for your sister, mom, or best friend!
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